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Social Media and Your Employer – Too Much Intrusion?

social media

From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Snapchat and LinkedIn, each platform has its own purpose and intention depending on the user. But how much should someone’s personal social media impact their job opportunities? Employers and Social Media There’s been a growing debate as social media platforms’ prominence continues to grow. According to a 2015 study by CareerBuilder, 52% of companies say they check the social media profiles of job applicants before hiring them. But the perception in 2019 is even higher – 84% of people believe social media regularly impacts hiring decisions, according to a recently published study by JDP. Job seekers and […]

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Social Media – Is it Really Bad For Us?

social media

So, is social media bad for us? For some, the mere mention of the phrase “social media” can turn them away from whoever uttered it. Nothing can be worse than this attention-guzzling, addition-forming, artificial-feeling method of staying connected with friends and family. But maybe social media is simply getting a bad rap. According to a new study by Carphone Warehouse, being on social media can have surprising benefits. For one, more than half of those surveyed would say it allows them to maintain invaluable relationships with their loved ones. It got us thinking – perhaps there’s more to social media […]

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Shut Down Your Screen: Take a  Break From Social Media

Feeling overwhelmed by your constant social media feeds? You’re not alone. More and more people are looking for a break from the distractions of being continuously connected. Whether it’s Cute Kittens on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, or updates on LinkedIn or Twitter, sometimes you just want to get away. Why Take a Break  from Social Media According to Mediakix, many of us are now spending up to 5 years of our lives on social media. That includes daily doses of Facebook (35 mins), Instagram (15 mins), Snapchat (25 mins), YouTube (40 mins) and Twitter (1 minute -which seems quite low […]

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Seven Ways to Rise Above the Negativity in Social Media, Politics…and Your Own Head

The post Seven Ways to Rise Above the Negativity in Social Media, Politics…and Your Own Head appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

The following is a guest post by Jon Gordon.  His bio follows. Is the cultural tsunami of negativity wearing down your ability to stay hopeful and optimistic? Here, I explain how to overpower these voices, change your circumstances for the better, and become a positive leader and influencer to those around you. You’ve probably noticed: Negativity has pervaded our culture and daily lives. Whether you love or hate the current political climate, it’s hard to deny that our nation has ever been as divided, fearful, and vocal as it is today. Add in the avalanche of complaining that dominates social […]

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5 Tools for Managing Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

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Looking for the top 5 tools for managing your company’s social media profiles? Then you have come to the right place. Using these tools will go a long way in streamlining your social media management tasks thereby empowering your company’s overall online success. Managing Social Media Profiles – The Quick List Here are the tools that will be reviewed as a quick reference for you to use in the following content.  For a more detailed explanation of each please reference that point in the article below. Everypost Buffer SocialOomph HootSuite Sprout Social Managing Social Media Profiles – Our Detailed Overview […]

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Uncomplicated Tips for Social Media SEO

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For the most part, most small business owners have a social media page that they try to keep up but most of them aren’t utilizing the power that this platform has to offer. There are a variety of different mistakes that can be made that will affect the success that you have with your page. The only way to get the results that you want from your advertising efforts is by taking the time to develop a strategy to use.

If you are unsure about what you need to do, then you need to seek out tips from professionals in Digital marketing and social media. Here are a few simple tips that you can use when trying to boost the SEO of your social media page

Complete Your Profile

One of the first things that you need to do when trying to boost your social media is to make sure that the profile section on all of the social media pages is filled in completely. This will allow your page to look more professional and can help you to attract more search engine traffic. The more time that you spend on your page, the better the results will be in the long run.

Focus on Search Words

Another very important thing that you need to do in order to boost your SEO is to find the keywords that will be relate to your business. You need to incorporate the search words into the content that you put on your social media page. This will allow your social media page to get the attention it deserves when people search for these particular keywords. Neglecting to do this will result in your not being able attract new customers through your social media efforts.

keyword search

Communication is Key

Yet another thing that you need to remember when trying to have success with your social media is that communicating with your customer base is very important. If you have an incident where a disgruntled customer is posting on your page, then you need to handle it like a professional. You need to make sure that you address them with respect and that you try to resolve any issues that they have. By doing this, you will show the other customers on your page that you are dedicated to serving them and resolving any problems that they may have.

Hiring a professional with a good bit of knowledge in this industry, you will be able to have the level of success that you need.  But no matter what, your social media SEO isn’t something that should be left to chance.

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The Changing Face of Audience Engagement

The post The Changing Face of Audience Engagement appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

When you create a blog post, or promote a product, what’s your goal?  When you seek any kind of audience engagement, are you seeking more likes?  More comments?  Are you hoping for your audience to purchase something?  What is it that motivates you to do what you do?

For a moment, take the perspective of the person on the other end. You receive a crazy amount of pitches every day.  They want your attention, your money, or more.  Of all those vying for your attention, which ones leave you feeling used?  Which ones leave you feeling that your feelings don’t matter at all? On the other hand, which ones leave you feeling important, or understood, or valued?

Contrived or Real

While the messages are sometimes disguised as caring about you or your situation, most of us can tell.  Like an empty “I love you” from someone who doesn’t, the hollow and contrived concern lacks authenticity. So what does it take to connect to and retain the loyalty and attention of our audience?  For me, a recent experience is quite telling.

I was shopping for a new vehicle.  And of course, in today’s internet-driven economy, a good deal of my shopping was online.  I knew what I wanted, and was willing to look well beyond my local area to find it.  What I found was a lot of indifference, cold sales people, and little if any concern for me.  In fact, after a lengthy search, I’d found only one target that met all of my list of wants.  It was perfect in every way.  But it ended up a no-sale.

Even in the early stages of communication, I could tell it was about zero percent about me and 100% about getting what they wanted.  Which was a sale, and getting my trade for the lowest possible price.  They’d apparently never heard of terms like empathy, problem-solving, and an old-fashioned term called “customer courtship.”  I was a sale, a commission check, a mark on the sales manager’s board.  I don’t want to name names, but it was one of the two major national resale vehicle chains.  Pssst.  I hope you guys are reading this . . .  because I won’t ever be back.

I ended up buying from a dealer who was the complete opposite.  Where I was made to feel valued.  The engagement was like a friendly negotiation,  not a sheep getting shorn.    So I’ll be back.  And, I’ll send lots of referrals their way.

What Lasts and What Doesn’t Last

Hopefully, we all want to stay in business for a long time.  While I know there are the get-it-while-you-can types who open up shop, milk the customers, and leave as quickly as possible, it’s counter-productive on its face.  If you do that, you have to continually start over.  And over.

Similarly, those who are only in their game to extract as much as possible are likely to find long-term success tough to maintain.  This isn’t a new concept.   Abraham Lincoln said “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”  For a short time, an audience may tolerate prices that are too high, value that is questionable,  or profits that are obscene.  But in the long run, they won’t.  A good example is the current flap around astronomical pharmaceutical profits.

So what are some of the things that drive continued audience engagement?  What is it that the audience wants and will keep coming back for?  Besides a generous dose of authenticity and empathy, all you have to do is look inward to find the answers.  What you want, they want.

blogging parts

In “Driven To Delight,” author Joseph A. Michelli sums it up in four areas:

Customers Crave Simplicity

They want to interact with you or your company quickly and efficiently, but also know they’re not a disposable part of your monthly business cycle.  So there’s a need to stay up with today’s technology, yet stay focused on the reality that you’re dealing with real, feeling, human beings.

Customers Like The Familiar

We live in a world where there’s ever-increasing demands on our time.  And it takes a lot of it to seek out and develop new ties.  So your audience wants to feel confident in knowing that you’re both someone that they can trust and that you’ll be someone they can return to and rely on tomorrow.

Customers Want Old-School Service

Having had their fill of shoddy products, disappointing services, and disconnected purveyors of all manner of “stuff,” they want far more.  Not more of the “stuff,” but more of the feeling that tells them whoever deliverd it to them cares about them.  That they’re doing it not just to  peddle a thought or product, but because they give a damn.

Customers Want You To Be A Star

Not surprisingly, those with whom we deal are kind of like our Mom or Dad.  They want us to succeed.  They want to be able to point to us and say, “yeah, that’s my kid.”   Imagine substituting yourself, your business, in place of “kid” and you’ll know exactly what this is about.  It’s warm fuzzies, times two, from them to you.  Because you gave it to them, first.

Driven To Delight

Michelli’s book is an inspiring look at how Mercedes Benz focused on making its customer experience second to none.  If you have a notion to create nothing less than great audience engagement, it’s a must-read.

There will likely always be the short-sighted cons and impostures among us.  But if you want a long-term relationship with people who get a smile on their face when they mention your name, you’ll have to get to know your audience and show them how much you care.

Even more than that,  it should be obvious that the magic ingredients to great audience engagement are a universal elixir.  It’s all about what all of us want.   To be heard.  To be understood.  And to be valued.  It’s the same ingredient that makes for good friends, good marriages, and good leadership.  Help yourself to a good, strong dose.


audience engagement



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5 Tips to Keep Your Social Media Positive

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The following is a guest post by Alexandra & Daniella Pierson.  Their bio follows.

Noticing the negativity that often overwhelms the digital space, Alexandra and Daniella Pierson set out to create platforms for discovering clean and happy content on-the-go. The twins and college students started their separate brands, Springpop and The Newsette, during their sophomore year of college.

After almost two years spent gathering data, conducting focus groups, and working with a team to develop the app, Alexandra launched Springpop in June 2016. Providing a clutter-free feed, the app allows users to view and post what they are seeing, buying and doing. Springpop changes the way users spend time on social media by limiting the number of posts users can share per day and the number of Posters an individual can follow, creating a positive, streamlined space to explore.

Inspired by her sister’s dedication to building her app and discouraged by the overwhelming amount of headlines filled with negative news, Daniella conceptualized and published her first issue of The Newsette. The mini-magazine delivers style-minded content, pop culture highlights and Instagram inspiration to inboxes daily in a format that can be easily digested in 5 minutes or less.

Now, heading into their senior year at the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University respectively, the duo is determined to supply stress-free, streamlined social platforms for young women to explore lifestyle, fashion and career topics. Through their combination of research and passion for making a positive mark on social media, the twins know a thing or two on keeping your feed light and fun. Below are a few tips for creating a more positive experience on the platform, from the social media gurus themselves.

Set the tone early

It’s become second nature for many of us to start the day by scrolling through social media. Because our first waking moments can impact how we feel for the rest of the day, we suggest avoiding hard hitting headlines first thing in the morning. Instead, focus on gathering inspiration through photos, quotes and tips to set the tone for a positive and productive day.

Use social media as a resource 

Social media can often be a space that breeds negativity, criticism and comparisons. It’s easy to turn to social media for the quick yet unfulfilling validation it provides through ‘likes’ and new followers. Instead of fueling the stereotype, use the platform as a resource.   Place to find inspiration by following influential all-stars in areas of interest.

Stay away from social media before bedtime 

It seems adults have swapped their hardcover books with Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds to end their day. We love social media.  But we suggest staying off of it at least an hour before bedtime, to prevent the light and endless scrolling from messing with your sleep cycle.

texting in bed

Try a feed detox

A little detox can go a long way. Simplify your feed by unfollowing anyone who isn’t regularly posting or providing captivating content. Also, don’t be afraid to unfollow! Weed out those accounts that aren’t adding to your life by subtracting them from your feed.

10-minute challenge

It’s easy to get sucked into the black hole of the never-ending digital world. However, when it comes to social media, sometimes less is more. To avoid the inevitable hour-long binge, challenge yourself to limit your social media intake to 10 minutes per scroll session. We find that to be the perfect amount of time to catch up to speed without becoming a distraction.


 Alexandra & Daniella Pierson are identical twins from Jacksonville, Florida.  They had been seen as a duo their entire lives. So they saw college as an opportunity to create their separate brands by moving to different cities and starting their own ventures.


The college students and twin sisters have since created Springpop and The Newsette respectively. Although different, like the twins, each brand focuses on providing positive, streamlined content in a world overwhelmed by information overload.  


Image by Tiffany Von Photography.

Other Images: Social Media Keys Jason Howie In Bed Kendra.

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Shut up Already: How Social Media Can Cost You Your Job

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The last few weeks have been difficult for the country. Lines are drawn between Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter supporters and critics. Regardless of where you stand, everyone has an opinion about what should be done.

However, where do your professional duties end and your opinion begins? For years we’ve seen all levels of employees lose their jobs for their online presence. We hear it, but we still do everything wrong. Why? We think that out of the millions and millions of people with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages, no one will care what I post. Everyone believes that until their post goes viral and posted on their company wall.

social media

When I was kid the adults in the family would remind me to act like I had “home training” when I went outside to play or to school. The last thing I wanted was for it to get back home that I was not acting right. I was a reflection of them and bad reports were a no-no. And, your employer feels the same way.

There have been boycott rumors for Delta Airlines, Mac Cosmetics, and other high-caliber brands that are allegedly informing employees to not take part in Black Lives Matter events or online commentary. Our first reaction as an employee is, “You can’t tell me what I can and cannot do on my own personal time!” Oh, yes they can! As an employee, it’s your job to represent the company in the best light.

The last thing CEOs and PR departments want to see is the headline, ‘Bank of America employee arrested….’ Or, ‘Delta Airlines employee goes on racist rant….’ Once that happens it’s almost impossible to come back from that. So, how do you avoid jeopardizing your job and still be able to express your personal views on those hot button topics like race, politics and police brutality?

Read the manual.

Educate yourself on what the company rules are. Your employee handbook includes the policies of company representation. If the manual is old and hasn’t updated social media policies, ask your HR representative. Get all the information up front before you begin protesting or engaging in online arguments that can quickly turn ugly.

Don’t post it.

Does everyone have to know what you’re doing? Maybe I’m too old-school, but I’m not a believer in posting everything about my life. You have full control over what you post, so be mindful of hot-button topics.

 Limit co-workers as online connections.

Separate business and personal when it comes to your online profiles. Just because your manager isn’t a direct connection doesn’t mean they’re not able to view. Maybe they’re connected to other co-workers and you just don’t know it. A friend of mine is a manager at a top financial institution and I received a call from her very upset stating her only teller had called out due to illness making her work on her off day. Later that day this very ill teller posted fun pictures at an afternoon baseball game. Her post about her fun Saturday resulted in a management meeting and reprimand. Don’t let this be you.

Have An Alias.

When it doubt just hide. We’ve all seen those phantom profiles created on Instagram and Twitter for people to say what they want without anyone knowing who they are. If your opinions are that strong and you just have to let everyone know, don’t post your personal information and photos. Papabear321 from Texas works fine.

Keep your posts to kittens and rainbows.

If you would like a way to avoid taking a side online, post quotes of love, shining a light on injustice, and making the world a better place. Who can argue with world peace?

social media sunshine

*Bonus Tip* – Don’t bad mouth your employer about their policies.

If you have a problem with your employer’s policies on your online life and opinions, don’t take your grievances to public opinion. So, you want to boycott the company that pays you? I would review that decision unless you have your exit strategy in place. As my mother would say, “You have an issue about my parenting? Bye-bye!”

Your employer doesn’t really care about your opinion as long as you don’t bring it to their attention. They are in the business of protecting their brand and profits. Hot topics of race, politics, and police brutality have no winner even if the CEO agree with you. You are there to work and not bring them bad press. Your employer is not the enemy and it’s not personal.


Social media Mark Smiciklas  social media main Mark Kens social media sunshine Mark Smiciklas

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5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us

The post 5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

The internet is the enemy. I hate to be the one to romanticize the good ol’ days. That is a sure sign that one is no longer a spring chicken, but instead an, uh, old fogie? Well, call me what you want, although I must say I am much closer to the former category. Here is my rant about how the internet is killing us. See if you agree.

Online groups are always meeting

In the past, if you belonged to a group in real life, you met up with them at MOST, once a month. In today’s online groups somebody is starting a discussion 24 hours a day. What do you think about this? What do you think about that? Introduce yourself. What are you working on, how do you promote your business, how do you manage your employees, yourself, your time? Blah blah BLAAAHHH. No longer are you just a bad employee or manager in the actual workplace, but now you have some jerk reminding you about it 24 hours a day. Hey you Mr. Group administrator, see anything different in the group members list? Yeah, I left.

Drunk off celebrities

remember when you had to read trash magazines to get the latest celeb gossip? Yeah, I’ve almost forgotten those good ol’ days too. If you were like me you would never actually buy the magazine. You would read it in the supermarket line, read your friend’s, flip through it in the doctor’s office or at the hair salon. That’s it! So you only saw pictures or got “news” about once a week for a couple of minutes. And you usually didn’t get to finish reading the story before you had to pay for your groceries or go get felt up by the doctor.

Nakedness all over the internet!

But now, I can’t escape the creatures. They are in bed with me. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. At first it’s for the time, but that quickly leads to other things. Email. Facebook. My YouTube channel. Text messages. Linkedin updates. Instagram likes. Oh what’s this, naked pictures? Now you see it. The tits, the ass, the crotch shots. So you take a look at the nastiness. And of course you skim the comments. And what do you know, someone mentions a related story, so you google it and find more nastiness. Minute by minute, blow by blow. And. I. Just. Woke. Up.

What the eff is app?

So these text apps have everyone acting like fools. Back in the days when you made a plan with your friends to meet up, it went something like this: “Hey you guys wanna meet at whatever bar on Friday at 6:00 for happy hour?” “Yeah, let’s do it”. And you wouldn’t hear anything else about it until you met up on Friday at the bar.

Gone are the days when this event started with a phone call and got around by word of mouth. Today someone starts a text group. Bwaaag, bwaaang, bwaaang. That’s my best impression of the freaking sound the text app makes. So everyone responds. And everyone keeps on responding. All week. Not only are you getting the blow by blow of their fickle feelings…one minute they’re going the next they’re not. But as a bonus, all of a sudden you gotta read about the kids getting sick or the damn dog getting lost or the husband is travelling so it depends on what time he gets home blah blah blah. Really? I don’t freaking care! I just want to go to happy hour! Can you handle it!? Two options, confirm or decline. Please.

Spoiler terrorism

Imagine being in Europe when the Super Bowl is on. Six hours ahead of the game. So kickoff is already past midnight for you. You hang in there like a champ, but by halftime you are waving the white flag and going to bed. Forget this, I’ll watch it tomorrow on my gamepass. Bahahaaaa.

So tomorrow comes and you are mega optimistic because everyone in your house has been threatened with their life and limbs to shut up about anything football related. So you know you are good to go, just pick up where we left off. Boot up the laptop, we are almost there baby, woohoo! But wait. What’s this I see? Payton Manning smiling, holding up a damn trophy?! Whaaaaat! Who can I kill? Do you know why I’m so pissed? I wasn’t even surfing the net. This was my desktop. Some genius at some stupid software company thought it was a good idea to make my desktop dynamic. So it is constantly moving and shifting news stories without me doing a darn thing. I don’t have to go out and find the news anymore, because the news is coming to find me! Really!? I can’t even talk about this anymore. It’s still too soon.

Social media syndrome

How many profiles do I have to have? Remember when you just had email? And if you were really advanced or talented then you had a MySpace. Nowadays the list is growing at epidemic rates, and don’t let it be you who doesn’t know what Snapchat is or its purpose. And don’t let it be you who doesn’t have a profile on all 50 trillion social media forums. Don’t let it be you who is the dinosaur who is not worth talking to because you don’t know what a hashtag is or how to use them.

Well guess what? It’s me! Yes boo, it’s me. I just found out about one week ago what a hashtag was and how to use it. And since then I am sure I have used them incorrectly at least 60% of the time. And guess what? Yeah. I don’t care. #ireallydontfreakingcare, #icouldntcareless, #ificaredlessidbedead, #effhashtags.

I really miss the old days when life was much more simple. Can we just go back to that?

The good old happy days!

The good old happy days!

Main Image: Lynn Friedman

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