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Main article: Promotion

Should You Accept That Promotion?


Tempting as it may be, just because you are offered a promotion doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accept it.  In fact, self-aware employees consider the extra responsibilities that come with a promotion and turn down the job if they feel the job exceeds their capabilities.  If you are a rising star who senses that you’ve been offered a promotion you may not be ready for, here are some issues to think through: Can you handle the workload? How are others at this level getting along?  Are they drowning or are they able to maintain some semblance of work/life balance? […]

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3 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Small Business Without Going Broke

business with a friend

One of the most crucial questions every woman with a small business has to ask is how their company’s marketing efforts will stand out in a world that is crammed full of competitor’s ads. This is especially challenging for those who own a small business given the fact that smaller companies rarely have the resources their larger, more established competitors have. However, one of the best parts of the current digital era is that there are more resources with more reach than ever before. Not only are there options, but many of those options can be utilized with little impact […]

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How To Get Your Brand On Brand: The Secrets To Success


There’s a great deal of difference between setting up a business and creating a brand. The latter will certainly provide you with more success, that’s for sure. Brand strategy should be the first thing you’re thinking about before you’ve even registered a new business. A recognisable brand will keep customers coming back for more, build a level of trust and make your business instantly recognisable through a logo or even person associated with the business. Of course, that doesn’t come easy. There are plenty of aspects you need to put in place when building a brand strategy, from creating an […]

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Receiving a Promotion? Avoid These 4 Classical Traps

receiving a promotion

Congratulations! A promotion is not just a great feeling, it brings with it a world of responsibilities and a feeling of stepping higher on the success ladder. Take the weekend off and spend it with family and friends.  After all, you deserve it — for committing long hours into the night. Post the celebrations, there are certain things to consider. We don’t mean to say that a promotion has negative factors tied to it but a promotion usually comes with a heightened sense of arrogance that you are now better than most of your co-workers. In this guide, we will […]

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Keeping The Leader Inside You From Getting Lost

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You’ve jumped through the hoops that conventional wisdom said were necessary to create a great future.  You’ve even landed a job with a great company that should have all the potential for your career that you wanted.  Yet you can’t help but feel there’s something holding you back.  What is it you’re not seeing? Unfortunately, we still live in a world where women have to do more than a little more to prove themselves and compete with the Boys Club that typically runs the show.  But there are those who have figured out the way to navigate your way to […]

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5 things you MUST avoid to get your colleagues to like you

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If you think that being the best at your job is the key thing to get a promotion, think twice. Based on a number of studies, being liked will probably play a bigger role in getting you to the next level. A study from University of Massachusetts found that managers were willing to accept an argument with no supporting evidence if the person speaking was likeable. In another study, data shows that people who possess “likeable” skills like sincerity and transparency aren’t just highly likeable. They are also perceived to be outperforming by a large margin those who don´t . Another […]

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3 Ways To Stand Out Among Your Coworkers and Get That Promotion

The post 3 Ways To Stand Out Among Your Coworkers and Get That Promotion appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

The workforce is a competitive place. If you’re not willing to put in the time and effort necessary to rise above your coworkers and peers to become the employee your bosses can’t live without, someone else will. So what exactly can you do as a woman in the workforce to make yourself seen?  How can you stand out among the many others trying their very best within your company? To show you how, here are three things you may want to consider to help yourself shine at work and get that promotion.

Give Yourself the Best Chance for Success

While portions of a successful career could be attributed to luck or good timing, the majority of people with successful careers will tell you that they got to where they are through their hard work, determination and natural abilities. But how are you supposed to take advantage of all those things? Get a job that matches their personality.  That’s what  Penelope Trunk advises women to do.   By finding a career that works well with your natural abilities and tendencies, you give yourself the best possible chance for success by catering to your already ample talents.

Confidence is Key

In a room full of people, often the ones with the most confidence will stand out among the rest. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to build your confidence in the workplace. According to Lindsay Olson, in a U.S. News and World Report article, women can begin to build their confidence in the workplace in several ways.  For example, use more assertive words, dress in a way that makes you feel capable, and speaking up when you have an idea or something to say. Even if you feel like your confidence is low at this point, you can always do small things each day to steadily build yourself up and set yourself apart from your coworkers.

Create A Place For Yourself

Large, successful companies often make it easier to blend in among the ranks than to stand out from the crowd. But if you want to be someone who steadily climbs that corporate ladder, you’ve got to find a way to make an impression on your superiors. One way you can do this, according to Jamie Hufford, in her post at, is to become recognized for a specific reason. By doing this, you’ll be creating a place for yourself within your company that no one else can fill quite like you can. You can implement this idea by striving to be known for a specific, positive reason or purpose. Becoming the “go to” person that fills a real need will help your superiors see just how indispensable and important you are to your company.

Get that promotion

Some women feel that they’ll always get overlooked when placed next to their male counterparts. But there are many things you can do in the workplace that will show to both your bosses and your coworkers that you mean business. Use the tips mentioned above to show your worth at work and get that promotion you’ve been working so hard for.

Images:  Steve wilson

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Five Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Promoted

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Do you ever feel like you are not getting the recognition you deserve and the promotion you feel should be yours? Read through the reasons that you may be getting overlooked and not getting promoted. If you identify with one of them, don’t worry, you can fix it!  


getting promoted


No one knows what you are working on

Are you one of those employees that takes on a lot of tasks but doesn’t like to make a big deal about it? This is hurting you. You need to let the right people know what you are working on and the amount of tasks you are responsible for. Even if you think your boss knows, you need to make sure it’s on their radar.  And your boss isn't the only one who should know.  Unfortunately there are managers out there that don’t give team members the credit they deserve. Network with senior managers in your department and others at your company.


You rely on other people to advocate for you

As I mentioned in the last section, other people don’t always have your best interests at heart. You need to advocate for yourself! Did you recently work on a big project that saved the company money? Ask to present  it in the next department meeting. So many people think that if they just come in and do a great job, it will be recognized and they will get a deserved promotion. The world doesn’t work that way. Even though it may be appreciated, people at your company aren’t going to bring up promotion in most cases.


You keep your career goals to yourself

You know how you have those objective setting meetings with your manager at the beginning of every year? In that meeting you told your manager your goal was to get promoted this year right? Well let’s hope so! How are they to know what you want if you don’t tell them? Don’t worry, just tell them in your next one-on-one meeting. If you don’t have meetings  with your manger now, please set them up. You should have their attention for at least thirty minutes once a month.


You do the bare minimum

I see this so often where people think they should be promoted because they do their job well. From your employer’s perspective, you doing your job well is exactly what they hired you for. If you want to be promoted, find ways to go above and beyond your peers. Are their projects you can work on? Processes you can improve? Ask your manager how you can help them and how you can take on more responsibility. Showing that initiative and delivering will help you get the level of attention you need to make it to the next level on the career ladder.


You don’t get along with people

To be promoted, you need to work well with others. If you are constantly disagreeing or shooting down other people’s ideas, you probably aren’t very popular on your team. Make an effort to listen to what people are saying and offer your feedback in a professional way. Pay attention to how you deliver the message and make sure it doesn’t sound condescending. Also, make sure to give people a win from time to time. Maybe you don’t agree exactly with something they said but if it is 90% there, let it go!

Getting promoted requires a plan AND action

Getting promoted is what most ambitious employees want.  The way to make it happen is to have a plan that includes these steps and then put that plan into action.

Main photo credit: Got Credit

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Getting Out of a Work Rut: How to Accelerate Your Career and Move Up the Ranks

The post Getting Out of a Work Rut: How to Accelerate Your Career and Move Up the Ranks appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

You work harder than anyone else, and you know it. You're always the first to come into the office, and the last to leave. You go above and beyond expectations, and your performance evaluation results are consistently stellar. In fact, you once saw your supervisor chatting with one of the higher-ups, and you could swear that, for a moment, he shot a meaningful glance in your direction.

So why, oh why, are you still stuck in the same place you were three years ago? Why did the co-worker in the next cubicle get promoted, even though you two did the exact same things? Did that co-worker use voodoo on your boss or something?

Maybe. But the more probable explanation is this: Your co-worker understood that it takes more than hard work and know-how to climb up the ranks. What it really takes to accelerate your career is to do the following:


Set Your Sights on the Big Picture



You know how they say that employees are mere "cogs in the wheel"? Don't buy that. Don't think for one second that your contributions don't matter in the grand scheme of things, because they do. It's just that, in your drive to get ahead, you forgot something crucial: In a corporate context, your boat will rise only if everyone else's boat does the same.

Ditch the "every woman for herself" mindset. To quote ex-GE CEO Jack Welch's bestselling management book Winning: "Change your job in a way that makes the people around you work better and your boss look smarter." It's fine to have career goals for yourself, but if you're serious about getting promoted a.s.a.p., you need to align at least some of those goals with your company's.


Stay Alert for Opportunities


Ernest Hemingway summed it up best when he said: "You make your own luck." This might sound like a platitude, but it's true: Studies have shown, time and again, that Lady Luck blesses those who have an optimistic attitude in life.

If your current job doesn't have a clear path down the road, maybe it's not for you. Take stock of your skills, experience and qualifications, and see whether they can be put to good use for other departments/divisions. There's no point in staying where you are, if you're capable of flourishing somewhere else.


Keep Educating Yourself


Successful people are lifelong learners. Warren Buffett, for instance, spends 80 percent of his day reading and thinking. Keep in mind that this guy is already in his 80s!

Then again, you might not have that much time to spend, especially if you're in hectic fields like healthcare. Still, it won't hurt to sign up for additional education and expand your knowledge base from there.


Rub Elbows With the Right People

working office networking

"What you know" can only take you so far. At some point, you're going to have to acknowledge that "who you know" also matters to your success. In other words, you need to network.

Identify the A-listers in your group: the ones who always take the lead, always have something valuable to say during meetings, and regularly get plum assignments. But be careful not to suddenly spring yourself on them. Remember that they're smart enough to figure out if someone has an ulterior motive for schmoozing up.

Instead, approach them the way you would a potential friend. If you bump into them in the water cooler/pantry, smile and introduce yourself. Start off your conversations on lighter topics ("I like having two spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee. What about you?") before moving on to the more serious ones ("Hey, have you heard about what happened to the M&A department?"). Keep your interactions nice and organic, so you can slowly but surely easy yourself into their social circle.


Stay on Your Colleagues' Radar


Don't limit your network to your company. Start build your presence online by setting up a personal website, writing guest blog posts for sites in your niche, and establishing your expertise. Stand out by building a distinct personal brand, having something unique to say, and prioritizing quali y over quantity. This way, you increase your chances of getting noticed, and nabbing opportunities you might not have even considered before.


Prepare to Move to the Next Level


Yes, a promotion is a feather in your cap. But it can also be a weight on your back, if you're not prepared for it.

Know everything about the job you're gunning for. Ask the people who already have that job for tips and tricks. Develop the skills required for it, and get yourself a certification or two. If you're going to aim for something, you'd better give it 100 percent. Otherwise, there's no point to aiming for it at all.


Prepare to Move On


Having a job is like having a relationship: Sometimes, you just have to accept that things just aren't working, and that you need to let go.

It's painful, of course. You've already invested a lot into getting yourself promoted. The last thing you want after your trouble is to realize that it's all for nothing. But if you continue to hold on to something that isn't getting anywhere, you risk missing out on better things.

To paraphrase the business consultant Peter Drucker, "Get good, or get out." If you find yourself losing motivation in the process of climbing to the top, take a step back and reflect on where you really want to go. If you forge ahead, no one's going to stop you. If you decide to shift gears, no one who matters will take it against you either. You're the one in charge of your destiny, after all.


Getting ahead isn't just a matter of working hard. It's also a matter of working smart. Keep your eyes peeled, your chin up, and your head firmly set on your shoulders. Before you know it, you'll be standing outside the door to success, and everything will fall into place.

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