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Main article: Cope with anxiety

Ten Tips to Help You Cope With Anxiety

cope with anxiety

During multiple periods in your life, you’ll feel your heart racing when facing a stressful situation. You might also witness your palms get sweaty when dealing with a difficult situation. When that happens, you’re dealing with anxiety. Everyone gets triggered by different reasons; some people get anxious due to their personal lives while others get stressed thinking about their careers. Today, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States and affect 18.1 percent of the population, or 40 million adults, every year. When left unattended, anxiety can hinder your ability to think and act clearly. It fills […]

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High Anxiety: 5 Things that Set Us Off and What to Do

 Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. It’s future thinking in a negative way. While it’s normal to have concerns from time to time, chronic anxiety leads to loss of appetite, insomnia, compromised immunity and other diseases. Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist,  shares 5 common anxiety triggers and offers insights and tips for what we can do to get back into ease. Retirement Once people hit 40, they feel as if the years are going quicker and the money is running out. They panic. They look at the math and it simply […]

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What To Do When Your Anxiety Becomes Hard to Handle

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Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in life. Usually the situation and the anxiety surrounding it are only temporary, but for someone with an anxiety disorder, the worry doesn’t simply go away. It escalates and may worsen over time.

What happens when your anxiety interferes with your daily life?

Signs and Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

If your struggle with anxiety is affecting your ability to function daily, you may have an anxiety disorder. Simple tasks like running an errand, cleaning or going to a social event at work become daunting. Even if you have weeks to prepare, the anxiety can be devastating.

There are many types of anxiety. You may have a panic disorder, where feelings of terror strike without warning. You could suffer from social anxiety disorder, which is also known as social phobia, where you become overly self-conscious in social situations. It’s terrifying when your anxiety inhibits your ability to breathe. Symptoms can vary depending on the anxiety disorder, but they may include:

  • Panic, fear, discomfort
  • Insomnia or sleep issues
  • Cold or sweating hands and feet
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry mouth
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Inability to be still and calm
  • Loss of balance or dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Tingling hands and feet

The symptoms may or may not be consistent enough to notice a pattern and allow you time to cope. When you can recognize the onset of chronic anxiety, you are better prepared to deal with it.

anxiety 2

5 Tips for Coping With Anxiety

How do you cope with an anxiety disorder when the symptoms are so overwhelming and persistent? You notice your hands are tingling, and you’re restless. Anxiety is kicking in. It’s a good idea to sit down and focus on your breathing to relax, and there are other ways to deal when anxiety strikes.

Learn Your Triggers and Explain Them to Others

Look for repeated instances of anxiety affecting you under certain circumstances. Ask yourself questions about what happened and the circumstances surrounding the situation.

You may be fine dancing at a bar with friends, but when the crowd gets thicker and people become more aggressive, your feelings may shift. The music may suddenly seem louder, and you notice that it’s harder to breathe. For some people, a little fresh air helps, but that’s not always the case.

To learn your triggers, it’s helpful to keep a log or journal outlining the scenario in which anxiety strikes. Take notes about the signs and how you reacted. Share your knowledge with loved ones and a person you trust at work to help you recognize and deal with the triggers.

anxiety disorder

Avoid Consuming Anything That Will Induce Your Anxiety

Avoid caffeine, which will raise your heart rate and make you more prone to a panic attack. Coffee and chocolate are primary culprits. Anxiety disorder symptoms are also aggravated by some over-the-counter drugs, alcohol and illicit drugs. Anxiety triggers also include things that you usually wouldn’t consider, such as dehydration and skipping meals, which increase your chances of experiencing anxiety.

Develop Healthy Boundaries

If you suffer from anxiety, you’re probably highly sensitive and self-conscious of your excessive worrying. You may finding yourself apologizing often and not making adequate time for self-care. Developing healthy boundaries will help you cope with anxiety.

Learn to say no. You might be expected to attend every family event, and you may feel guilty skipping events that don’t fit into your schedule. A healthy coping mechanism could be making time to be alone and recharge between big family gatherings, especially over the holidays. If you don’t make time for your needed break, you may end up feeling anxious and unhappy.

Developing and enforcing healthy boundaries may lead to others attempting to make you feel guilty because your behavior has suddenly changed, which only escalates your anxiety. It will take a while for everyone to adjust, but remember that healthy boundaries reinforce a healthy lifestyle.


Practice Techniques for Stress Management

It’s important to create daily self-care rituals, both small and large, that help keep your stress levels down. Consider waking up with the sun and doing a yoga routine, meditating before bed or taking a hot bath with soothing oils. Develop techniques for self-care and stress relief that work for you. If you’re engaging an activity for the sake of doing it — but you aren’t actually enjoying it — what’s the point? Develop a self-care ritual that truly de-stresses you.


Recognize That Therapy Can Help

There is a stigma around mental disorders and receiving therapy as treatment. Know that cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective psychotherapy for treating anxiety disorders. It teaches you various ways of thinking about anxiety and healthier ways to behave and react when it strikes.

CBT has two specific forms of treatment for anxiety disorders: cognitive therapy and exposure therapy:

  • Cognitive therapy focuses on the identification of behavior patterns, to understand how they function and alter your thoughts and behaviors. Benefits can be seen as early as twelve weeks.
  • Exposure therapy seeks to reduce anxiety and fear-based responses by exposing patients to a feared circumstance. The idea is that the patient will become less sensitive to the trigger over time. It’s particularly effective for obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias, which are linked with anxiety.

There’s no shame in seeking help from a support group or through therapeutic treatments. Over time, you will feel more empowered when anxiety strikes. Everyone worries. Everyone has a fear. Sometimes, anxiety becomes hard to handle in your daily life, but there are ways to cope with it.

Recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety to better cope and track your triggers.


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Coping With Anxiety One Day at a Time

The post Coping With Anxiety One Day at a Time appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

There's no more perfect way to begin an article on anxiety.   I've been fretting about writing it since I decided I wanted to write about something that's been a lifelong partner.  Sometimes, the Universe let's you off the hook.

While I could write volumes about my own experiences with anxiety, so could many others, and many have.  What could I say that's new or has a new perspective?  In the process of answering that, I stumbled upon an article by Nicole Emerick, who created MsCareerGirl in 2008.  How perfect!  And how perfectly written!  She turns anxiety on it's head, and explains how she's harnessed its power into something positive in her life.

Before I give her original article a new spotlight, I'll simply add a few insights from my own experience.


Worry vs Anxiety vs Panic

We all worry.  It's part of the human condition.  Yes, it's usually a pointless exercise, but nonetheless we all do it.  The issues begin to get serious when the patterns of worry turn into symptoms of anxiety.  That's when your body chemistry starts to go sideways.

Because it's frequently a gradual slope into anxiety, it can be challenging to identify when you've gone too far.  Once you're there, it's a nasty little bug to eradicate. It literally becomes a daily routine, even struggle, to keep it in check.  If you sense yourself progressing to ever more frequent anxiety bouts, it may be time to intervene with counseling or even medications.

Staying self-aware is really important, because left unchecked, anxiety can progress to panic attacks.  Panic attacks are physical symptoms that manifest and are experienced as reality even though they usually are not.  Victims frequently believe they are having a heart attack.  Panic is a perfect word.

The Power of Relaxation

In our way too hurried world, it's easy to forget how to relax.  Can you remember the last time you completely, and I mean completely, relaxed?  Take this simple test.

There are over 40 muscles in your face.  It takes most of them to frown, and many of them to smile.  Try relaxing ALL the muscles in your face.  If you take the time to do this completely, you notice layers of relaxation.  As you notice more carefully, each time some are relaxed, there's another set that are still tense.

Fully relaxing, especially the head and neck, can relieve stress and headaches and give amazing results.  Try it often.

Proper Diet and Regular Exercise

Both are important to controlling anxiety because both affect the chemistry of the body.  Check here for some tips on diet do's and don'ts.  As for exercise, the Anxiety Disorders Association of America says:

" . . . regular exercise works as well as medication for some people to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and the effects can be long lasting. One vigorous exercise session can help alleviate symptoms for hours, and a regular schedule may significantly reduce them over time."

When All Else Fails

Sometimes, it simply takes a different perspective on a problem to start moving towards a solution.  Nicole shows how she did that in this re-print of her May, 2010 Ms Career Girl article.  Enjoy!

Wisdom From Nicole Emerick

I’ve been in a fight with my anxiety for a long time now.

I first started noticing it in high school when I was busting ass to get into the top 25% of my 800 person class , trying to rock my classes and get a decent score on the ACT. I had to get into my top choice school, Miami of Ohio, and focus was never my strong point.

I ruined every family vacation growing up thanks to my incarcerating anxiety. Whether we were shopping for a prom dress while on vacation in Florida or eating a meal at an unhealthy restaurant in South Carolina, I always found something to be anxious and worried about. God bless my family for their patience (and for still traveling with me).

College came and then, afterward, I started my career and did my stint of dating guys that weren’t right for me. My anxiety was definitely NOT my friend during these times. In fact, it started to take a staring role in my life.  My days consisted of a racing heart, paranoia, shaking, lack of sleep, having to step away during work to take deep breaths among many other uncomfortable symptoms.

Thankfully, my anxiety is now under control and livable (I am forever grateful to you my dear pharmaceutical company!).  But let's be honest, it will never be totally gone.  And I'm very grateful for that.

As some of you have gathered, I really like working. This runs in my family. If I don’t have a “passion project,” a book to read (or write!), a presentation to give, a class to take, a new business idea to toss around or a person to meet in addition to my day job, I’m completely lost. I don’t really watch TV- I just can’t go that long without intellectual stimulation.

Although my anxiety level is no longer the leading lady in my life, it is the engine that fuels my career.

My anxiety (or maybe we should call it energy?) keeps me working hard, meeting people, learning new skills and diversifying my experiences. This engine is my “career insurance policy,” and my career’s “portfolio diversification strategy.”Without anxiety, I’d probably be sitting on the couch every night after work with no major accomplishemnts to reflect my time. I’d also have nothing to catch me if life didn't go according to plan.

I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the boyfriends and people who said I was “way too young to take life so seriously” or that I “work too much” and should “relax and enjoy my life.” Well people, I’m happy to report that I couldn’t be enjoying my life more than I am right now. The people I’ve met, the things I’ve learned and the opportunities ahead of me would not exist had it not been for my high “anxiety” level.

As they say, "when you can't beat 'em, join 'em."  Today I encourage you to pick one of your major weaknesses and look at it as a strength instead!  Embrace the unique insanity that is you.

• What characteristic(s) did you formerly view as a hindrence but now view as a blessing? For example, maybe you started life out as calm and shy and now you realize it has made you a great observer and a serious asset in times of disaster. Maybe you were the class clown and now it makes you a top sales person.

• Was there a specific event that made you realize your “weakness” was actually a strength?

• Do you feel your teachers did a good job of developing students’ strengths?

• What did people tell you about yourself that you no longer believe is true?


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