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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Career Prospects

The post 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Career Prospects appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

On average, we spend just under 9,000 hours at work every single year. This is, essentially, one-third of a typical lifespan in the developed world. So, if you are not doing a job that you enjoy, you could be losing out on a lot of great experiences. Oftentimes, it isn’t even a lack of skill or ability that prevents most people from securing their dream position. It is a lack of confidence. They don’t realize their true potential because they’re not accessing it.

The good news is that there are a million different ways to unlock your hidden talents and boost your career prospects. Whether it’s investing in online language courses and tutors, improving your public speaking skills, or simply making better relationships in your current workplace; it is easy to get more out of your job once you know how.

This guide to some of the simplest ways to improve your career prospects will give you some ideas on where to start.

  1.     Get Savvy About Social Media

It is becoming more common for people to lose out on employment opportunities simply because they don’t have a suitable separation between their work and personal lives. These days, the first place that interested employers look is social media, because they want to get a feel for how professional you are. So, it is always best to use stringent privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms, just in case eagle-eyed recruitment agents are browsing your wall for reasons not to hire you.

  1.     Improve Your Communication Skills

Studies have shown, time and time again, that the most successful individuals are those who speak confidently and express themselves with authority. This applies to conversations over email, the phone, or in person; assertiveness suggests capability. You should be polite and engaged when speaking to clients, colleagues, and senior staff. If you think that you may need to tweak your speaking skills, ask friends and family members for some honest advice on whether or not you have a positive, memorable presence.


  1.     Learn a Brand New Skill

One of the most enjoyable ways to improve your career prospects is with online courses and qualifications. You can learn how to do pretty much anything on the internet because there are digital mentors and tutors of all stripes willing to teach you. You could master a second language, brush up on your debating skills, or learn how to set up an at home business. The possibilities are endless, so don’t limit yourself; get out there and start learning.

  1.     Request an Evaluation

It might feel like a bold move to ask your current employer for a review, but who else is better placed to do it? Your boss has a duty to help you grow and develop as a worker, whether that means providing support as you apply for a new position or giving you tips on how to become more appealing to other employers. Some of the truths that you get may be a bit of a shock, but ultimately, they can be used to refine your skills, credentials, and abilities.

  1.     Accept a Challenge

If you’re the type of person who usually shies away from challenges, make an effort to turn things around. The next time that your boss wants help with a new project, volunteer. If you hear about events happening in your local area, get involved. If there is something that you’ve spent years telling yourself you’re not ready for, change your tune. Sometimes, all it takes is one success to remind a person that they’re capable of pursuing much bigger, brighter goals.

How to Take Steps towards Success

The truth is that goals don’t come easy. They require a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. This is why improving yourself and your skill set shouldn’t be a static ambition. It should be something that you continue to do naturally, throughout your career, in order to give you the best possible opportunities.

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The post 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Career Prospects appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.


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Social Media and Medical Confidentiality

The post Social Media and Medical Confidentiality appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

From the get-go nurses are warned of their ethical, and contractual obligation to maintain patient confidentiality. Breaching confidentiality can lead to a variety of consequences: legal fees, monetary fines for damages, jail time, probation, and/or job termination.

There are a variety mundane ways that medical professionals can accidentally break confidentiality accidentally: talk about a case in a public location or blurt out a comment about a patient to family. Even the most confidentiality focused medical professional could be in danger of breaching patient privacy by utilizing private messaging features of social media platforms to interact with their patients. Below I will delve into how private messages could be a breach of confidentiality.

Program Glitches

Social media is not foolproof. Twitter, Facebook, and Google Hangouts are highly advanced and complex online services. Most of the time, the services work how they are meant to. Direct or private messages remain private and confidentiality is maintained between all parties. Occasionally one of the programs have major bugs that reveal private messages to strangers.

In 2012, Facebook had a glitch that posted private messages sent on both parties Timeline. From the moment the glitch happened to the moment Facebook managed to fix the problem, any medical professional who happened to send a medical geared private message through Facebook was exposing private client information to public eyes.

In 2013, Google Hangouts momentarily threw privacy out the window when the program sent messages to the wrong person. For a very brief window, any medical professional who sent medical information to a client through Gchat could have accidentally sent it to a few strangers instead.

In 2008, one Twitter user’s private messages accidentally showed up in her twitter stream. The fallout was embarrassing enough for her to shut down her account, if she had been a medical professional the result could have been far worse.

Safety Reports

Another huge aspect that hinders confidentiality on social platforms is the fact that Facebook and Google both utilizes an algorithm that scans private messages for content that violates their terms of service. The algorithm is mostly designed to locate illegal activity like child pornography, but normal messages are sometimes flagged by the algorithm. Normally the content is moderated automatically. On a few cases, Google and Facebook need to utilize freelancers to comb through the flagged files.

If a doctor’s message to their patient is flagged by Facebook or Google, chances are the content of the message will be perused by an individual hired by the company. If the individual hired has no sense of decency, they might decide to share the information on their blog, their social media account, or on an internet forum. Through a serious of unfortunate circumstances, the doctor broke confidentiality.

Data Science and Big Data

Facebook and Google both utilize data science mine private messages, private information, and public posts to better understand their customers. This practice, called data science, is fairly common for online retailers and websites. The goal of data science is to collect “large sets of organized data” that can then be used to locate new business opportunities and to fine tune their current business model.

The problem with utilizing a product that regularly stores and analyzes their user data is that real people may eventually see private messages. And that is a huge problem for medical professionals bound to keep patient information confidential.

Doctors and nurses should refrain from messaging their patients through social platforms. Unfortunately program glitches, safety algorithms, and data science collection has made programs like Facebook and Google Hangouts unsecure methods of communication. Doctors will be better served talking in person, calling the patient, or sending an encrypted email.

The post Social Media and Medical Confidentiality appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.


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Challenges At Work: How To Survive And Thrive

We have to deal with difficult bosses, difficult subordinates, and difficult peers on a constant basis. Often we want to be able to provide all of the help that is requested of us, but our plate becomes too full. Sometimes we may want to lose our temper and tell everyone what’s really on our mind, but we know that’s not an option for the sophisticated career woman.

So, when you are ready to lose it, what can you do to navigate challenges at work? Having survived some recent major work challenges myself, I can attest that the following tips will not only help you to survive, they will help you to positively thrive in the long run.

1. Kill them with kindness. Delivery is everything. It may be easy to let our frustrations come out in our tone, but it is important to stay cheerful and positive. People want to help people who are kind and patient, not angry and rushed.

2. Confide in a mentor. Someone has experienced the same challenges you are at some point in their career- guaranteed. Approach someone you trust at work, perhaps a mentor, and share how you are feeling. This is a great way to get some wise perspective and valuable advice.

3. Share it. If you find that you have bitten off more than you can chew, do not be afraid to ask for help. You are not admitting failure when you reach out for assistance, you actually prevent it by getting the work done on time rather than missing a deadline by being overextended.

4. Believe in yourself. It helps to remind yourself that you have been given your job for a reason. Someone higher up believes in you and trusts that you will be able to get the job done. You have earned your spot and are capable of learning anything new. You can do it, Ms. Career Girl! Read motivational books like The Motivation Manifesto and The Positive Thinking Secret, and make sure you put them to practice.

5. Take advantage of happy hour. Take some of the pressure off of and away from the office environment and invite your department out for appetizers or drinks at a local happy hour after work. Use this time to bond with them, and share some of your feelings about what you are experiencing. They will be able to provide a different opinion and you may be able to come up with some creative solutions, as a team.

6. Speak your truth. Nobody will understand how much you are doing if you don’t share it with them. When somebody asks for help, be sure they are aware that you have other projects you are responsible for and give them a realistic deadline of when they can expect you to finish by. This way, you are still offering to help but letting them know this isn’t the only thing you have going on.

If things get really bad, read this Forbes article on coping in a toxic environment.

And while we are on the subject of making it all work, do you want to some ideas on how to do it all and still find balance? Read this!

Do you have any tips to share on how to survive and thrive in the workplace? Tweet them to me @mscareergirl or @sncueto!


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You Go Girl! Brode Hydration Vitamin for Gals on the Go

We got a hold of Brode, the first hydration supplement, and I love it!

I live an active lifestyle. I run (voluntarily), work out more days than not, and have a job that keeps me on my feet for hours at a time. Somehow I also find the time for my volunteer commitments and seeing my amazing friends. I also like to maintain a healthy diet, which means finding alternatives to sugary post-workout drinks and packets of gel, and ingesting useful instead of empty calories.


Brode: The First Hydration Vitamin fits the bill as a vitamin that allows my body to replace lost electrolytes and maintain hydration without weighing me down with unnecessary sugars and other carbs.  What is Brode made out of? Brode is made up of all four major electrolytes in a medically calibrated ratio first used by hospitals.  If you want to get into the nitty gritty of it, here are the supplement facts:


Dehydration can come from a number of circumstances for many different people. As for myself, the main cause of dehydration is my active lifestyle. When you exert yourself physically you lose a lot of fluids, and drinking water is not enough to keep yourself hydrated and performing well. Brode allows for you to get the optimal amount of electrolytes to keep you hydrated and performing at peak levels. Proper hydration also helps in lessening hangovers after a night of drinking, or to help you keep fresh when on a long flight. These two are also circumstances where a Brode can come in handy.

When you exert yourself physically you lose a lot of fluids, and drinking water is not enough to keep yourself hydrated and performing well. Brode allows for you to get the optimal amount of electrolytes to keep you hydrated and performing at peak levels. Proper hydration also helps in lessening hangovers after a night of drinking, or to help you keep fresh when on a long flight. These two are also circumstances where a Brode can come in handy.

Check out my Brode selfie!


According to Brode,  their founder “Marc Brodeur…didn’t want the calories of a sports drink, the weird additives of energy drinks and didn’t want to deal with the gross flavors of electrolyte drinks. Why couldn’t there be a vitamin solution that could remove the flavor and be more convenient to boot?

In the fall of 2010, Marc bought his first tiny capsule machine to make the first prototypes to what would become Brode Electrolyte Vitamin. After going through countless iterations, and turning his New York apartment into what looked like a drug lab, Marc found his original formula.”


The portability of Brode makes it ideal for any situation. You can bring it with you anywhere, and take it with a glass of water should the need arise. I did some pseudo-scientific controlled testing, taking Brode partway through a busy work day, after a few hours of lazing in the sun, and at the tail-end of a two-hour workout. In all these cases, I found that taking Brode with water gave me a nice boost of energy without too much of a rush. (I have to say that I pay a great deal of attention to my overall hydration in general, but I did like the alertness that came with taking Brode.)


Want to try Brode out for yourself? You can order Brode online from their website, which gives practical options to Brode patrons  – ranging from single packets containing 2 supplements for people who just want to try them, to a monthly supply of 10 pouches/month so that you can be guaranteed that you monthly hydration needs are taken cared of.

Price: $4/pouch, $24.97 for a 10-pack pouch, and $18.97 for a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime.

Where to Purchase:

Win a 10 Pouch Pack of Brode Electrolyte and Vitamin Drink!

For even more information follow Brode on Facebook, Twitter, or their blog where they recently gave a Kiva loan to Layale, a teacher in Lebanon. Brode will definitely be taking a permanent place in my running belt, backpacking gear, and work bag this summer!

This review and giveaway in partnership with Brode. All opinions are of a Ms. Career Girl (our own).


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How To Get Your Brand On Brand: The Secrets To Success


There’s a great deal of difference between setting up a business and creating a brand. The latter will certainly provide you with more success, that’s for sure. Brand strategy should be the first thing you’re thinking about before you’ve even registered a new business. A recognisable brand will keep customers coming back for more, build a level of trust and make your business instantly recognisable through a logo or even person associated with the business. Of course, that doesn’t come easy. There are plenty of aspects you need to put in place when building a brand strategy, from creating an […]

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Planning A San Francisco Corporate Retreat

team building

Your boss just dropped the news on you.  She wants you to plan a corporate retreat in San Francisco.  While you’re probably flattered that she’s got that much confidence in you, you’re also in mild panic mode.  You know that a well executed retreat will earn you lots of kudos.  And if it flops, it’s all on you. You’ve got a long list of to-do’s ahead of you, including – Airline reservations to and from the Bay Area. Planning lodging accommodations. Arranging San Francisco coach and shuttle bus rentals. And much more! Rather than let the massiveness of the undertaking […]

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6 Ways to Juggle Your Work Life and Personal Life in the New Year

professional and personal lives

In the current workplace environment, there seems to be great value placed on finding the perfect work-life balance. However, this idea of balancing the scales between your work life and personal life is a myth we need to blow out of the water. As an entrepreneur, business owner and mom of three, including a son with special needs, it’s not about finding the perfect balance, but rather learning how to juggle. Think about your own life – can you imagine all of the different facets of your life ever being equal on a regular basis? Life will always be chaotic […]

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Got The Fall Blues? Here’s What To Do About It

The “fall blues” are characterized by mild depression, lack of motivation, and low energy that many people experience during the fall. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to prevent the overwhelming feeling of fatigue and solutions to get yourself back to normal! Here are a few basic recommendations from Dr. Calapai that are easy to implement into one’s daily life to beat the blues: Get sunlight: Due to shorter days and less sunlight, you may begin to lack vitamin D, which increases melatonin and fatigue. Sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D, so get it as much […]

The post Got The Fall Blues? Here’s What To Do About It appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.


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The Many Ways Improving Your Style Can Change Your Life

The post The Many Ways Improving Your Style Can Change Your Life appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

How much time do you really spend thinking about the way you dress and style yourself? Some people do it for hours each week, while other people prefer to do the minimum it takes to groom themselves and look presentable. You might think that it’s a waste of time to spend too much time thinking about and working on your appearance. But there are lots of benefits to putting a bit more effort into being fashionable and stylish. It can change how you feel about yourself and improve your life, even helping you to boost your career. Before you dismiss […]

The post The Many Ways Improving Your Style Can Change Your Life appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.


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5 Tips To Accessorize Your Fashion

You’re already quite comfortable in the fashion that you’ve developed over the years. You have the tops and bottoms, you have the seasons covered, you have special events covered. But you still want some variation, and that’s where your accessories come in.

Check out these five tips for thoughts on how to accessorize within the styles you have already created – start from the top with earrings and necklaces, decide what goes around your arms, pick the right belt for any occasion, decide if your bottoms need anything special, and choose your shoes wisely.

Starting at the Top                                  

Within any set of outfits, jewelry like necklaces and earring are key. Read the latest fashion magazines to see what type of jewelry is most popular (to others) and appealing (to yourself) and see what you can get to set off what you already have appropriately. There are always the basic gold and silver options, but more creative possibilities exist out there as well for the adventurous.

Going Around the Arms     

Have you ever seen metallic tattoos? They are beautiful when well designed and applied, and can really set off outfits of many different kinds. For more traditional arm accessories, there are also wrist and arm bracelets that can take you everywhere from subtle to hyperactive, stylistically.

Pick the Right Belt To Cinch Your Style

The easiest way to ruin any outfit is by having the wrong belt. And one of the easiest ways to pull together all of your fashion choices is by having the right belt. Seems like a pretty important part of what you’re doing, eh? This means, color, shape, style, size, and how you wear it. Every part of the best has to work with your overall theme, and if it doesn’t, scrap the idea and start with a new one. Belts range dramatically in price, so your goal is to find the most effective one for the least damage to your bank account.

Bottoms Up                   

It’s a bit harder to accessorize bottoms, but there are creative ways to do it. You can intentionally fray jeans. You can add patches. These are obviously ideas for more casual outfits, but they are still great ways to add a new ping to an old look. Even custom inking or coloring on old pairs of bottoms can seriously update what would have otherwise been an unwearable pair of jeans.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

The last most important accessory are your shoes. Read up on shoe fashion to see what the masses and what the celebrities are doing, and then emulate to a degree, but always be aware of comfort. Depending on where you’re going, either heels or sandals could be devastating in terms of comfort, stylish or otherwise.



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