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5 Careers You Can Be Really Proud of Working In

Every job should bring out a level of pride and sense of accomplishment. If it doesn’t, you’re in the wrong profession! Remember, a job isn’t just a way to make money. You spend at least eight hours a day working, it’s got to fulfil you and enrich your life. It must be a career that will fill you with pride. It’s not easy to find a career like this. There are thousands of jobs that will leave you feeling empty and soulless. It’s essential that you avoid them!

There is no certain route to achieving that sense of pride. Remember, everyone is different and has varying goals in life. Each individual finds their pride in different tasks and achievements. Having said that, we’ve hunted out some of the most inspiring career choices. They are careers that will allow you to help others and push yourself further. They are career choices that will leave you feeling fulfilled and worthy. Each of these job ideas makes a real difference to people’s lives. And that’s something to be proud of.

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Fire and emergency services – Nothing will fill you pride more than actively saving lives. Being on the front line when emergency strikes is scary. But, you’ll put those fears aside and put your training into practice. Being a member of the fire and emergency services is powerful way to help your community. You’ll be the first on the scene of an emergency and work tirelessly to save people from danger. The job certainly involves a lot of emotional stress, but the highs always outshine the lows. A career in fire and emergency services is lucrative too with lots of room to advance up the ranks. Most importantly, you’ll go home every day with a sense of pride and fulfillment.


The armed forces have always been regarded as a noble and worthy profession. Putting your life on the line for the benefit of the country is the very definition of pride. If you believe firmly in the liberty and values of your country, you’ll love this career choice. Of course, it’s not without its downsides. It is one of the riskiest career options out there. You’ll often be away from your family for months at a time with little or no contact. However, most soldiers agree that it’s a price worth paying for the pride you feel representing your nation. There are lots of ways to serve in the military too, it’s not just ground forces in the army. There are thousands of jobs in research, logistics and development.


Most jobs involve working as part of a large corporate structure. It’s often difficult to find fulfilment when working as part of such a huge company. Your efforts are often diluted and it’s hard to see your individual impact. Exploring your own business ideas, however, will leave you filled with pride. It’s not easy, and there’s a long, hard road to success. However, the sense of achievement is unlike any other. Taking your concepts and ideas and turning them into a real business is something you can be truly proud of. And, who knows, you could create the next billion dollar company. Every giant corporation started as a small idea once-upon-a-time. Dream big and you’ll love going to work every single day.


Passing on knowledge from generation to generation is a wonderful thing. Watching as your students turn into young adults and using the skills you taught them is incredible. You’ll form lifelong attachments to your students and help shape their future. You’ll help them discover new ideas and discover what they truly want from life. A career in education is something you can be truly proud of as your students start out on the road of life! Great teachers are always welcome and needed by schools. With that in mind, it’s a safe and secure career choice. You’ll earn good money and take pride in your work every day.

Doctor or Nurse

There are few things that instil pride like nursing people back to health. Changing lives for the better comes with the territory and nothing will give you more fulfilment. Naturally, the job also comes with an immense amount of pressure and emotional difficulty. However, the gratitude of worried families and the pride of saving a life is incomparable. Every day brings a new challenge.

There are few things that instil pride like nursing people back to health. Changing lives for the better comes with the territory and nothing will give you more fulfilment. Naturally, the job also comes with an immense amount of pressure and emotional difficulty. However, the gratitude of worried families and the pride of saving a life is incomparable. Every day brings a new challenge. Become a doctor and you’ll leave work knowing you’ve made a difference.

Life’s too short to spend it in a job that doesn’t fulfil you. If you need inspiration, try one of these careers and find something with a little more heart.


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Freebies and Feedback : MCG x PINCHme Beauty Box Giveaway

Find out why in this Ms. Career Girl interview with PinchMe founder, Jeremy Reid, and get a chance to win free PINCHme boxes sent to your doors! 

Click here to enter the contest now.

Everyone loves a freebie, and companies are always looking for feedback on their new products from potential consumers. So why not bring the businesses and consumers together? This was the pure and bright idea that PINCHme founder Jeremy Reid conceived of when he launched the service out of Australia back in February, 2013.  Today, this New York City-based startup attracts 1.3 Million members to to participate in an opportunity to fill a box with free samples once per month. The companies can filter which samples are available to which demographics based on specific targeting outlined by the featured brands, such as these past products. This box of goodies is then shipped to the member for him or her to test the products and then provide their feedback to the brands.

Last month in May, 2015 PINCHme’s Sample Tuesday featured many new exciting products, perfectly in line with the Ms. Career Girl audience. This included brands like Playtex Tampons, Pads & Liners, Pez Hedz candy, Natu Shampoo + Conditioner, Blissful Body products, Orchard Valley Harvest snacks, and more.

I picked PINCHme founder Jeremy Reid’s brain for some short answers about PINCHME and how we, Career Girls, can participate. Read on!

What is PINCHme? How does it work?

“ is a FREE box subscription service that sends its members samples in exchange for their honest feedback. It’s as simple as that. When a member first signs up on, they complete a series of questions about themselves. They more they tell us about themselves, the more products they are able to see!”

How often do subscribers get a PINCHme box? Why is that timeframe the best for subscribers?

“Each member is eligible to claim a box once a month. This allows for enough time for our members to receive the products, sample them and complete their feedback.”

What are the biggest brands affiliated with PINCHme? How do you choose which products to include?

“We have been fortunate enough to have the support of nearly all of the major manufacturers in market, including names such as Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Kellogg’s, Revlon, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, L’Oreal as well as a host of up and coming smaller brands. We look to work with brands that have great innovation and produce great products. Our goal is to match the ideal product with the ideal consumer.”

How many subscribers do you have now?

“Our community is now 1.3 million members and growing!”

Personally, what is your favorite aspect of the concept?

“The fact that we are able to introduce people to brands that they have never heard of before and end up falling in love with them because of PINCHme.”

What brought about this idea?

“Seeing the wastage and the lack of technology that was occurring with traditional product sampling.”

What were the initial challenges of setting up this business?

“Getting brands to think differently about product sampling and they ways in which they touch their consumers.”

What are the biggest milestones for the company so far?

“Reaching one million members within 12 months of operations and shipping more than 5 million samples into the market.”

What’s in the future of PINCHme?

“We are launching version 2.0 in Summer 2015. Stay tuned!”

What is your biggest advice for Career Girls aspiring to build their own startup?

“Be persistent. Believe in yourself. Surround yourself with very smart people. Think with an open mind.”

What kind of people do you look for when building a business team?

“I look for independent, smart, motivated and loyal individuals that are dedicated to the vision of the business as much as I am.”

How can our girls sign up and learn more about PINCHme?

“Go to and sign up. Complete your profile and start pinching!”

Want to get your very own PINCHme beauty boxes? PINCHme is offering Ms Career Girl 5 exclusive premium PINCHme beauty boxes to give away! Click the link below to find out how:


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How to Pose Perfectly for a Picture

Today, we take more pictures in two minutes than we did in the whole 19th century. Of course, at the time in history exposure times for photos lasted several hours. Now, the number of pictures on Facebook is 10,000 times greater than the amount of photographs in the U.S. Library of Congress. It is estimated that over 350 billion pictures are taken a year.

Whether posing for a quick selfie with friends to post to Instagram or getting a professional headshot taken to set as your profile picture on LinkedIn, everyone wants to look good in pictures. Here are a few tricks to how to take a perfectly posed picture.

  • To the right
    A study at Wake Forest University found that the left side of people’s faces is more pleasing. On the left side of our faces, we show more intensity and emotion compared to our right side. Coincident that the dimple on the left side of my face is waaaay bigger than the one on my right?
  • Avoid the double chin
    To avoid the illusion of having a double chin, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and push your chin slightly forward. This helps the way shadows form around your face and elongates your neck.
  • What are you wearing
    Granted, we never know when we will get our picture taken, but if you know ahead of time, avoid bright colors like yellow. Bright colors pull attention away from the focus of the picture (you!).
  • Body position
    Stand up straight, angle your body away from the camera, place your hand on your hip, and stand with one foot behind the other with your weight on the back foot. This lessens looking flat in a picture.
  • Camera placement
    Ladies, have the photographer angle the camera so that the camera is angled is at or a little bit above eye level. Men tend to look better with the camera angled up.
  • Near and far
    Whatever body part is closest to the camera, will appear larger than the rest of you. Pull your shoulders back if you want your arms to look more slender.
  • When in doubt…
    Relax and have fun!

Ms. Career girl wants to see your stellar snapshots. Share below, tweet us at @mscareergirl, or tag us on Instagram.


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Cute, Comfy, and for a Cause? All The Above! (Literally).

Me and MT #Virgos

Mother Theresa and I share the same birthday. When I saw All The Above’s clothing collection featuring a tee inspired by one of her famous quotes, “Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls” I jumped at the chance to rock my fellow Virgo’s mantra. Embracing fashion a form of self-expression thrills me; I often employ my clothing as a reminder to be confident.

How does it fit? What does it mean?

I ordered a small -I’m 5’2” with athletic curves and it just fit. Like my favorite yoga pants, this 100% cotton shirt will never go in the dryer! Designer Brandi Galluzi created the dream-catcher like design with Origami cranes representing souls to catch joy. Scripty font reveals the words “catch souls”. Imprinted on the inside of the tag-less shirt is Mother Theresa’s quote, so you will always remember the meaning.

With a mission of “Be Inspired”, All The Above is dedicated to creating high quality, stylishly inspired clothing that fosters self-expression. I have to agree with Team ATA when they say, “we believe that fashion is one of the truest outlets for expressing oneself” and I can definitely get behind their goal to deliver fashion with a deeper meaning.

ATA Gives

In addition to the soft and cool hidden meaning on your newest article of clothing, you get to select a charity through the ATA Gives program in which 10% of the proceeds will be donated to at checkout. What’s important to you? What’s important your Dad (yup they also have Men’s apparel and accessories) If you know what they are passionate about then you have the perfect Father’s Day or Birthday gift. There are wonderful causes to choose from amongst the organizations benefitting Children, Public Service, Human Rights, and Animal Rights.

So you have an idea…

T-shirt prices range from $19.99-$37.99 and get this, if there is a vision you wish they would take into consideration, you can let them know on Facebook and Twitter @ataclothing. The inspirational concepts come from their fans (primarily via Facebook) and ATA artists turn the concepts into designs that reflect positive, empowering messages. These inspirations come from song lyrics, religious text, world leaders, etc. Win-win.

What brilliance would you like to see fashioned into new pieces for your wardrobe?



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4 Arguments in Favor of Taking Your Summer PTO

Going on vacation from work can be weird. You want to go, you’re excited about it and of course you’re entitled to some time off. But you feel weirdly guilty about it.

After all, Tom’s taking vacation right after you, and Susan is going the week before. The office will be short-staffed. So you compromise and do a “working vacation.”

Unfortunately, a working vacation, where you work while on vacation, prevents you from taking a real vacation. That simple fact alone can have legitimate consequences on your overall performance. Let’s look at why you should take your summer PTO, and actually be off.

  1. It’s Not the End

It’s easy to believe that no one else can do your job. After all, that’s why the company hired you, because you’re the best at it! Or at least you’d like to think you’re the best at it. But let’s be realistic: If you’re working for a company that will come to a grinding halt because one person isn’t there, you’re not working for a good company.

An Oxford study found that only about 40% of American workers take their PTO. At least some of this is due to an idea of worker martyrism, or perhaps a feeling that you need to be at work. Another popular reason is the dread of catch-up work. This is a very real concept, and you might have a harder time getting around a pile of work waiting for you upon your return.

Consider working something out with a co-worker who could handle some of the load. According to the World Health Organization, stress and sleep deprivation cost employers over $350 billion per year. Vacations can cut into that, so not only should you take them, but your employers should encourage them and have systems in place to make taking them easy.

  1. You’ll Work Better

Taking time off is important. Most people are familiar with the concept of burnout, where you get too stressed out about work to function well. A good solution for that is – you guessed it – vacation time!

A week off can be whatever you want it to be – no deadlines, no alarm clocks, no office politics, no hard labor. You can take the time to renew your dedication and focus. If you’re having any interpersonal problems at work, this could be a good way to cool down and put it back into perspective.

Taking breaks, especially long ones where you can completely unplug from work helps to lower stress, get more sleep and boost your productivity. Travel pushes you out of your comfort zone, helps you find inspiration and introduces you to new people.

  1. You Should Take Extra Time

Try to schedule your vacations at times you wouldn’t normally have time off. Summer is good for this, because you don’t get much time. Sure, you get the 4th of July off, and some places may give you Memorial Day and Labor Day off. That’s a whopping 3 days.

Meanwhile, everyone who’s off on those days is trying to cram a week’s worth of vacation time into a 3-day weekend. This translates to angry people, drunk people and others who wish that whatever is happening on their trip wasn’t happening anymore.

All of these factors can make for some interesting circumstances, including dangerous ones. For instance, in 2013, 540 travelers died on the 4th of July. It’s so busy on the roads that traffic accidents are significantly more likely to occur. In addition, going into the office on those days won’t help much. Everyone else will likely be off, so you might be stuck with busy work.

  1. Recharge With Family

When you were a kid, you wanted your dream job. When you were in college, you wanted a realistic job. Once you have a family, you simply want a job. Funnily, the job that should be most important is the one we tend to disregard: our families.

Taking one week off doesn’t tell your boss or your employees that you don’t value them, but it does tell your family that they’re important. This might be the simplest thing, but it’s probably the most important. Don’t forget that your family is the reason you work, so you should also work to spend time with them.


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Clothing Affects The Way We Think

We all ask ourselves what to wear to work on a daily basis. This process is more important than we think! Fashion and clothing expert, Hugh Sinclair, shares his advice to Career Girls everywhere on how clothing affects the way we think and act. 

Have you ever heard that clothing can affect the way you think? Well, research shows your clothes actually impacts your cognitive behavior.

A series of studies conducted by researchers at Columbia University and California State University looked at the cognitive consequences of formal clothing and found that the “power suit” lives up to its name. The researchers discovered formal attire helps people think more abstractly and about larger goals rather than the minor details of the workday. Wearing formal clothing like a suit changes the way the wearer thinks by signaling an environmental shift.
The researchers randomly assigned undergraduate students of both genders to either wear clothing they’d wear to a job interview or clothing they’d wear to class. They were then asked to complete a series of intellectual questionnaires to rate the formality of their clothing and the clothing of their peers. The results showed students wearing formal attire thought more abstractly and holistically. They also identified that they felt socially distant from their classmates wearing regular clothing.

The study signifies that what we wear really affects our cognitive behavior. The formal clothing made students feel more powerful, which led them to be more goal-orientated and think more abstractly. If you think you look good in formal clothing, it can also make you feel more confident and improve your mood and performance.

Another study also shows there is a direct relationship between our clothing and the way we act. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology performed a similar experiment using undergraduate students. The researchers conducted a series of experiments, in which some students were asked to wear regular clothing, while the others wore lab coats or paint smocks – which looked identical to the lab coats. During each round of experiments, the students were asked to complete a test. Those wearing lab coats made far fewer errors and were more attentive than their peers.

These studies show that the shoes and clothes we wear have a clear impact on how we view ourselves and our behavior. When you’re in an environment that requires you to think critically and pay close attention to detail, wearing the right clothing can make a huge difference.

About Hugh Sinclair

Hugh Sinclair is the Vice President of Logistics at Shopping Blitz, an online marketplace that provides the world’s best brands of clothing, accessories, shoes and lifestyle products.


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The Journey To Success- Starting Your Day With Nature’s Gate

Live wholesomely, starting with your morning routine.

Every woman needs to kick start her day with a practice that takes her as seriously as she does her career. Nature's Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Velvet Moisture Body Wash , 18-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) is invigorating- and seriously concerned with handling your beauty care needs in the most natural way possible. Its scent will intoxicate your senses and help to dispel the inevitable drowsiness and grumpiness that are weekday mornings.

The journey to success begins as soon as we open our eyes. Not all of us are morning people, but all of us want to be champions at who we are and what we do. Starting your day in a way that you enjoy makes all the difference in how the rest of it will turn out.

All of Nature’s Gate products are:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Free from Parabens/Sulfates/Mineral Oil
  • Natural & Organic

Your morning shower regimen sets the tone for your entire day. Waking up is rough and sometimes it’s all a career girl can do to drag herself out of bed in the morning. We need something to put us in a good mood and to awaken our senses, allowing us to focus and solidify our positive outlook for the day. Furthermore, a solid start to our morning will help us navigate difficult work and life challenges. We give ourselves a hand up when we practice effective self-care, and often that boils down to paying more attention to our beauty routine.

Beauty routines are a small part of our day, but they can help us to feel pampered and fulfilled. They don’t have to be expensive to be effective, they just have to make you feel fabulous. A small change, like incorporating a fun new body wash, can offer many benefits. You will feel feminine and full of confidence; ready to jump over any hurdle that comes your way throughout the work day.

Make sure you do all you can for yourself to make the start to your day a good one. Interested in learning some helpful tips on how be a success? Read this article which offers 5 tips on how to get noticed in the workplace. Believe us- they work!

Other Nature’s Gate products you should try:

  • Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Avocado Night Cream
  • Acai Liquid Soap
  • Pomegranate + Sunflower Lotion

Nurture your body- it’s the only one you’ve got.

Have you ever tried Nature’s Gate, or want to hear more about my experience? Tweet to me @sncueto or @mscareergirl!


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Juggling an Online Master’s Program and Full-Time Job

According to a “Forbes” report, the reasons for going back to school after joining the work force run the gambit.

Some professionals see an advanced degree as a way to get ahead in their careers, some fields require continuing education for licensure, and some people simply love to learn. Whatever your reasons for taking some online classes toward a master’s degree, it’s important you maintain a balance between your education and your job.

Why an Online Program?

Tom Snyder, President of Ivy Tech Community College, is convinced there are several benefits of online graduate programs.

“I strongly believe that the future of higher education lies with online learning,” he wrote in “The Huffington Post.”

Snyder says ongoing education is simply a part of the modern career path, and he sees online courses as an excellent way to learn at your own pace. He also points out that online courses are every bit as intense as in-person classes. Furthermore, reports that a degree from an accredited online university has real credibility in professional circles. The key is to seek out a reputable online institution.

What’s more, if you’re not sure an online program will work for you, there are ways to “test-drive” them without spending a dime. Massive Open Online Course’s (MOOC) offer cost-free online learning to anyone. “The New York Times” recently reported that one of the few downsides of such courses is they do not result in a degree. The quality of education, however, is top-notch.

Before You Enroll

Online courses offer some nice perks in the form of convenience, but once you choose an online program, you’ll need to do a bit of prep work to set yourself up for success.

“U.S. News & World Report” covered several helpful tips. First and foremost, be sure you know the technical requirements of any online course before you sign up. What software is required? Is your computer compatible with the web-based tools used? The same article advises eLearning students to carve out space specifically for coursework.

“One thing online and in-class courses have in common is that students still need a place to study or complete assignments,” the article states. Especially if you have children, it’s imperative to find a place where you can work undisturbed, whether at home or somewhere else, like a local library.

Finally, iron out your schedule. Arizona State University (ASU) is currently tied at fourth on “U.S. News & World Report’s” list of Best Online MBA Programs. The ASU website includes a guide for online classes which advises students to allot six hours per week for every one hour of course credit. Make sure you’re prepared to set aside the time you’ll need for the classes you plan to take.

Balancing Work, Classes, and Life

Once your classes start, you’ll be wearing one more hat. Keeping yourself sane means finding ways to maintain a sense of balance.

Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon is the Associate Dean for the School of Counseling and Social Service at Walden University. She encourages online students to download all available coursework to a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

“Whether commuting to and from work on public transportation or waiting for your child’s sports game to start, little blocks of time can provide you with an opportunity to work on readings and assignments,” she wrote in “Expert Beacon.”

Dixon-Saxon also sees the value in online study groups. She advises students to plug into study groups with others as early on as possible. This will keep you from feeling isolated and give you one more tool to boost learning and retention. But what if other students aren’t local? calls Google Hangouts “one of the best video chat and conference services,” making it an ideal resource for online study groups. As an added bonus, Google Hangouts is totally free.

With classes and study groups throughout the week, you’ll need to be ready to guard your schedule and stick to it. Ace Online Schools, a resource for online learning options, makes no bones about it.

“Set aside a block of time daily for schoolwork, preferably at the time of day you are most comfortable studying…your time is more valuable now than ever,” they advise.

Finally, keep your priorities straight. Your job comes first. “I’d rather have mediocre grades and keep my employer happy about my performance,” wrote one user. You’re studying to advance your career, not end it.

Online degree programs are a viable, smart option for the working professional. Balancing an online master’s program with full-time work is simply a matter of being prepared and maintaining a high level of organization. Do that, and you’re on your way to online educational success.


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Keeping fit and healthy with Joint Juice

I recently tried the Joint Juice Ready-to-Drink Supplement in Cranberry Pomegranate, a supplement drink with glucosamine and chondroitin among other vitamins to keep my joints healthy . It comes in two great flavors and has just 25 calories per bottle.

My aim was to see how it might help aid my fitness routine and training plans as it is important to take care of my joints, no matter my age. I was also curious about how it tastes—is the Cranberry Pomegranate flavor nice enough to drink every day? Is it something I should load up on during my monthly trips to Costco?

I have read so many articles about runners developing knee problems after putting so much pressure on the knee joint through strenuous training. As for myself, I have been fortunate enough not to have dealt with knee injuries or issues in the past, but after training and completing a marathon I was definitely intrigued.

How can Joint Juice possibly benefit me in the future?

What is Joint Juice?

Joint Juice is a ready-to-drink supplement containing glucosamine and chondroitin. It provides an alternative to taking glucosamine/chondroitin supplements in pill form and contains 1,500 mg of glucosamine plus chondroitin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. Its main use is to “keep your joints happy and healthy.” Sold in 8 fl oz plastic bottles, there are three different flavors you can choose from: Cranberry-Pomegranate, Blueberry Acai, and Orange Citrus (Extra-Strength). I had the opportunity to try the Ready-to-Drink supplement in Cranberry-Pomegranate.

Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements are usually taken to help promote and support healthy joints. It is thought that the supplement has the potential to help strengthen cartilage and/or alleviate joint issues. Others take supplements as preventative measures to promote ideal joint health.

Click here to enter

Who should use it?

Many people view glucosamine/chondroitin as a supplement usually taken by those with arthritis. While this is true due to the supplement combination and its belief in helping to relieve joint issues, it can also be useful and beneficial to other groups – even if you’re young and healthy. One group this could prove especially useful to would be those who participate in high impact sports that put a lot of stress on the joints, such as running. Joint Juice is also ideal for anyone who doesn’t like or has a hard time taking pill supplements.

Where you can buy Joint Juice:

You can order Joint Juice online, or pick it up in-store at Costco.

Use the Store Locator option on the Joint Juice website to find a store near you.

The Ready-to-Drink supplement in Cranberry-Pomegranate comes in 8 fl oz bottles and can be bought individually for $1.19, or in a pack of 30 for $31.70 (based on the website). There are also two other formulas offered, Joint Juice drops supplement and Joint Juice easy shot supplement. Depending on your preference and price range, there is one that would surely fit your needs.



  • – Easy, convenient way to add a supplement to your daily routine
  • – The ready-to-drink formula also provides hydration
  • – Comes in different formulas, choose depending on personal preference and budget
  • – Provides added nutrition for runners and other high-impact athletes to help keep joints in healthy shape.


  • – Contains added sugar, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium
  • – Since it’s a drink, easy to forget it’s actually a supplement meant to only be taken once per day
  • – Limited choice of flavors; either prefer the taste or not
  • – Might not notice or experience immediate effects



“Filtered Water, Contains 1% or less of the following: Cranberry Juice Concentrate, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Sugar, Purple Carrot extract (for color), Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate (to retain freshness), Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium.”

Overall Impression:

I don’t experience much joint issues at the moment so I haven’t been able to notice immediate effects after using the product over the past two weeks. My training runs have been easy to moderate, as well, so I can’t speak to how the supplement might have helped the joints during a long, strenuous run.  At first I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the taste of the Cranberry-Pomegranate drink, but I actually really liked the taste. It’s very flavorful and sweet, definitely easy to drink and doesn’t have any type of medicinal taste associated with it. It felt more like I was drinking a fruit drink/juice rather than a supplement.

Overall I don’t know if I’d add Joint Juice as a regular daily supplement, mostly because I don’t experience enough joint discomfort at the present time. I do think I would consider using Joint Juice when I’m training for long-distance runs, though. I think during those periods of time when I will be putting my body through strenuous workouts that are hard on the joints, I’d consider using Joint Juice as a way to help keep my joints strong and healthy, and possibly avoid future injury.

Click here to enter

Even if you do not win, you can still try Joint Juice for 30 Days using this rebate.


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A Step-By-Step Guide To Turning Your Sewing Hobby Into A Business

If you like tailoring garments to fit your figure perfectly or designing and making your own clothes, have you thought about turning this skill into a business? Many women around the world have successfully made money from transforming their pastimes into profitable ventures. Whether you want to turn your sewing skills into a full-time job, or you just need a little extra income, here is a step-by-step guide to making this happen.

Step 1: Improve your skills

Now that you are going to be selling your creations, you need to make sure your skills are top-notch. You may already be a sewing pro. But if you think there is some room for improvement, check out some books, online tutorials and community classes that can help you to fine tune your talents.

Step 2: Get quality tools and materials

Now that your skills are up to scratch you need a set of quality tools and materials to match. Before you invest your money in any equipment, make sure you check out reviews online to see what other customers are saying about them. Sites like have a number of reliable reviews of computerized sewing machines that you may wish to check out. When buying materials, remember to request samples before buying in bulk.

Image from Wendy Firmin

Step 3: Research your target market

Establish who your market is and start researching what they want. Fashion magazines, blogs and websites will be able to help you find out what’s hot right now and forecasted trends. It’s always a good idea to market to people of your own age as this way you’ll have a good understanding of what they want. And you can also ask your friends for input too (free market research, yay!).

Step 4: Market your products

It’s time to start getting your creations out into the world. Set up a social media page dedicated to your business. You may even want to consider giving your business a name and logo. Another great marketing tool is to wear your creations and to ask your friends to wear them too.

Step 5: Set up an eCommerce website

If you are planning on selling your products online, you’ll need to join an eCommerce site or create your own. Etsy is a great place to start. It’s very simple to set up an account and then you can start selling your stuff straight away. (You will need to pay a transaction fee to the site for selling items – around 3.5% – so do factor this in your finances).

Step 6: Dedicated website

If your business starts doing well, you may wish to move it to a dedicated website. You can create websites for free, but if you are serious about your business you will probably prefer to have a professional site set up.

In six steps you can turn your hobby into a money-making business. And these steps can be easily adapted to a whole host of hobbies.

If you have turned your hobby into a business, we would love to hear your story and advice.

Good luck!


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