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How Your Job Could Be Making You Sick


How Your Job Could Be Making You Sick

Careers, even ones that seem to be perfect, can sometimes take their toll on employees. Working in less-than-ideal conditions can lead to the physical illness of a worker, even if she doesn’t realize why she is sick.

Unnoticed stress or additional strain can lead to various symptoms of illness, causing the employee’s performance to drop. It’s best to recognize these hidden factors and change them as quickly as possible in order for her to stay on top of her game and, most importantly, stay healthy.

A bad boss

When an employee’s boss is bad, that can make for not only poor physical health, but mental health as well. When the person who looks over completed work, assigns tasks, and runs the office is incompetent or unsupportive, then work becomes a chore instead of something to be enjoyed.

According to The Washington Post’s Rebecca Shannonhouse, having a bad boss can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety issues, and trouble sleeping. A boss who is not there for the employees or who treats them badly can also have an affect on their mental well-being. Having a good boss is such an important thing that Shannonhouse also states it could be reason enough to change jobs.

Long hours

Even though she may love her job too much to notice, working long hours can catch up with an employee. Not taking the time to catch up on sleep or properly balance work and personal life can sneak up on a worker, making her feel under the weather and stressed. Workaholics can develop cold-like symptoms as a way for tiredness and anxiousness to manifest.

An ill employee will not be able to give it her all while at the office, so it is best to stop bad habits that can cause sickness. A healthy 55 hours or less a week is plenty of time to get lots of work done and still have time to spend with family and friends without thinking about the office.

Office germs

Germs can live on hard surfaces for hours at a time, so there are many places in an office that are breeding hotspots for bacteria and viruses. Communal items like the photocopier and the break room refrigerator handle will house germs from every employee.

And yet what is even more of a concern according to Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist from the University of Arizona in Tucson, is personal spaces used by employees like desks and cubicles. Keyboards, telephones, even employees’ coffee mugs can have a level of bacteria if they are not properly cleaned on a regular basis. These germs can make workers too sick to come into the office especially during cold and flu season.

Faking it

For employees who deal with a lot of people on a day-to-day basis, constantly faking happiness or politeness can create health problems, especially if it is a recurring chore. Those who maintain a cool demeanor and remain as nice as possible have a higher heart rate than employees who have the kind of job where they can verbally defend themselves.

When a worker has to remain in control and polite every day, she runs the risk of developing cardiovascular problems and high levels of emotional and physical stress. In the long run, continuing in a career where faking it is a daily task may not be the most ideal environment for an employee’s physical well being.


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Posted on 08.06.2015 08:14
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Stephanie 12 June 15 20:33 Amen!!!! I seriously love the author for pointing out the ill effects of "faking it'...I just now realized that this is no way to go through life, even though I was taught "that's what adults do". I've finally decided to make finding a job where I could be myself a top priority! Text hided expand
Owen Stone
Owen Stone 29 June 15 21:46 This is so true, i think that so much stress enters your life through your job. Text hided expand
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